Caleb's Website

This is my website for computer science 1. We are learning C#. C# is for making window app.
This is my first year of programming. Some day I want to go to school at Someplace.

Hello world


This project changes the text in a label. This project changes the visible property of some images

Goodbye Wrold


For this project we got a choice of four foreign langues. I had to translate goodbye word into thoes differnt langues and display them.

Help Page


This project changes the text in a label, this project aslo changes the visible property of some images. This project gives a brief description on what this company does.

Test score


I am making a program that requires two test scores to be entered and the program, converts the number grade into the letter grade based on your score, it also gets the avrage score and the higher test score and displays it.



This game is rumbling which aims to get the person playing it to get addicted and give me more money but I dont charge real money so im not making anything =[

Car Rental


This project takes info form the user format and it and outputs in various ways.



This program gets information form the user like weight and height and tells you your BMI

Car Rental 2


This is the second version of the car rental project, the project takes information and formats it in a certain way.

Slot Machine


This is another game where you would lose money if you tried to win because the odds are stacked against you. This also is addicting.



This project is a midterm like project and involved all of the knowledge I had in programing and put it in one project.